Monday, August 22, 2016

Part 3/10 Translation of Major New Policy Document on Reform of Social Organisation Management System

3. Channeling Great Energy into Cultivating and Developing Community-Based Social Organizations

1.     Lowering thresholds. We will adopt measures to lower the threshold for establishing, and support and encourage the development of, community-based social organizations that work in communities in rural and urban areas carrying out activities such as serving the people, providing elderly care, public benefit or charitable activities, promoting harmony, or services related to culture, health and fitness and entertainment, and skills and technology for rural production. For those community-based social organizations that fulfil registration requirements, we will improve our services, speed up the procedures for reviewing and handling applications, and simplify the registration process. For those community-based social organizations that have not managed to fulfil registration criteria, we will implement management through sub-district offices (or county or township governments) and strengthen guidance based on category and field of activity, on the basis of the different scales, scopes of activity, structures of membership and service recipients of organizations. We will encourage that community-based social organization associations be established at the sub-district (or county or township) level to play a coordinating role in management and services.  

2.     Proactively supporting development. We will encourage the use of sub-district offices (or county or township) comprehensive service centers and rural and urban community service stations, to build comprehensive service platforms to serve community-based social organizations, in order to provide community-based social organizations with support relating to organizational operation, sites for their activities, funding for activities, and human resources. We will adopt measures such as government procurement of services, the development of project funds, and subsidizing costs for activities to step up the level of support for community-based social organizations, with a particular focus on cultivating those organizations that offer services to people such as senior citizens, women, children, people with disabilities, the unemployed, migrant workers, minors who have parents serving sentences, families experiencing financial difficulties, people suffering serious psychological difficulties, young people with behavioral problems, and people needing community-based correction. In those localities where conditions allow, explorations can be made into developing community-based social organization incubators, creating incubation and cultivation funds, and establishing incubation centers. We encourage social forces to support the development of community-based social organizations.

3.     Strengthening service functions. We will give play to the positive role of community-based social organizations in making innovations in grassroots social governance, and drive forward the establishment of a pattern of community governance in which diverse entities participate. We will encourage community-based social organizations to engage in activities related to neighborhood support, resident integration, dispute mediation and local safety protection, and to organize the residents of their communities to participate in community public affairs and public benefit pursuits, promoting harmony and stability in the community. We support community-based social organizations in taking on community public services and projects entrusted by community level government, and in undertaking community voluntary services. We will build mechanisms for joint action involving community-based social organizations, community building, and social work, promoting the sharing of resources and the principle of complementing each other drawing on the strengths of each, to help community-based social organizations become important vehicles to strengthen communities’ self-governance and self-service functions and to absorb social work talent.  

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