Monday, August 22, 2016

Part 4/10 Translation of Major New Policy Document on Reform of Social Organisation Management System

 4. Improving Policies and Measures to Support the Development of     Social Organizations

1.     Supporting social organizations in providing public services. Integrating efforts with the transformation of government functions and the reform of administrative review and approval, using competitive means, we will pass on those practical management jobs and public services that are not suitable for government to carry out, and that are suited to provision by the market and society. We will gradually expand the scope and scale of government procurement of the services of social organizations, and for public service items that fall under the categories of safeguards for public wellbeing, social governance, industry regulation, and so on, in the instance that potential providers have the same capacity to provide, priority will be given to purchasing from social organizations. 

2.     Improving supportive policies related to public finance and taxation. The central treasury will continue to create special funds, and those localities where conditions allow may use the creation of special funds as a frame of reference, for supporting social organizations to participate in social services, strengthening social organization capacity building, and supporting in a planned and prioritized way brand-name social organizations. We will put into effect all government preferential taxation policies for social organizations, such that those social organizations that fulfil criteria enjoy the benefits of relevant tax policies in line with related laws and regulations. Treasury and tax departments, integrating their work into the overall development of the oversight system, must research and improve the system of taxation policies and the receipt management system for social organizations, and improve and implement the system of preferential tax policies for public benefit and charitable donations. We encourage banks and financial institutions to step up support for those social organizations that fulfil the right criteria.

3.     Improving human resource-related policy. We will incorporate work related to human resources for social organizations within the national human resources system, using equivalent professional qualifications, registration and accreditation, and professional titles policies for professional and technical social organization workers as those used in other relevant industries; provide subsidies to specialist talent in social organizations who fulfil criteria; and bring social organization workers within the national professional and technical talent knowledge refreshment project. We will establish a training system for the persons responsible for social organizations, guiding them to consciously put into practice the core socialist values, and strengthening their sense of social responsibility and sense of the need for credibility. We will actively recommend talent from social organizations who have an international outlook to international organizations. Relevant departments and people’s organizations (quntuan zuzhi) must incorporate social organizations and their staff into the scope of relevant commendations and awards. The Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security must work in conjunction with the relevant departments to research and design ‘opinions’ on ways to strengthen work related to human resources for social organizations.

4.     Giving play to the positive role of social organizations. We will make progress in giving expression to the role of social organizations in promoting economic development, in managing social affairs, and in providing public services. We will support social organizations, particularly industry associations and chambers of commerce, in playing a role in serving enterprise development, in maintaining market order, in undertaking industry self-regulation, developing group standards, protecting the rights and interests of members, mediating trade disputes, and so on, helping them to become an important force in driving forward economic development.  We will support social organizations in playing a role in making innovations in social governance, solving social conflicts, protecting the social order, and promoting social harmony, helping them to become important entities in social development. We will support social organizations in developing public benefit and charitable pursuits, in promoting the flourishing of science and culture, in expanding channels for employment and so on, to satisfy the diversifying needs of the people.  

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